National branding: creating a new Romanian brand


English is the global language when it comes to branding and naming, right?

What about local languages? Should we or should we not use them when creating new brands?

Well, we have notice a configuration of mentality in Romania when it comes to this. If until 2010 everything that was Romanian was bad (we should not buy anything from Romania, like cars or products because they are cheap, therefore a bad quality), and it was a time for xenophile consumers and brands, after 2010 it became more obvious that the local market started to shift towards better feelings about Romania and Romanian.

Local brands started to adopt and use Romanian names, like Cărturești, Matache Măcelaru, La Plăcinte, ciocolata Rom, Izvorul Minunilor, Salam Săsesc, Amicii and so on. Even if using Romanian language to name a new brand can be tricky and challenging, the results sound so good. Our language gives authenticity to the brand, local relevance, but it also gives musicality to the name.

At United we are keen supporters of local brands using Romanian names and being proud of our legacy and language. With this in mind here is our latest re-branding and re-naming that we did for Office Supply Distribution company, one of the most interesting start-ups in the office equipment suppliers from Romania.

BIROTICIENII_logo sloganWe wanted a Romanian name for a Romanian brand, a name that sounds natural, but also original. So we came up with BIROTICIENII, after several routes in which we explored different creative expressions and merges between the values and notions of the brand. We stopped at BIROTICIENII however, both for his strength, and the ability to generate stories.

United „invented” a new profession, the birotician (the office supplier expert) in order to reflect the core values of the new brand: experts and productivity suppliers.

Birotica (office supplies) exists as a word and concept, but there is no name for the person in charge with office supplies. Stationer has a narrow sense.

The graphics of the logo outlined the entire strategy of the brand. We opted for a modern color scheme: purple and orange. The logo is purple, the color of royalty, which highlights the position of BIROTICIENII as experts in the market and the best contrast color was orange, which highlights discreetly the symbol integrated in the logo. This symbol, the tip of a marker, has the purpose to add in a visual manner the brand in its category.


BIROTICIENII_Personalizare masina


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