United and Alfredo Seafood teamed up for “Stirile PRO TV”, in a material dedicated to the fish market


United and Alfredo Seafood completed another step in their integrated communication campaign through the appearance on “Stirile PRO TV”, in the prime-time interval. The campaign is meant to educate the Romania public towards the benefit of the fish and seafood consumption in a healthy diet. Thus, there is no better place for these messages to reach the public than one of the most watched programs in Romania, “Stirile PRO TV”. PRO TV was ranked the TV channel with the biggest urban audience in February and March, when it had approximately 1 million viewers per minute in prime-time.

You can see below the two materials filmed for the evening edition of “Stirile PRO TV” and broadcasted in the week prior to the Easter, in which important themes are being discussed. Amongst these, there are: why the fresh fish is the best fish and how it is possible for Alfredo Seafood to deliver the fish from the Mediterranean sea to the Romanian hypermarkets in 10 – 12 hours, why we should eat at least one fish meal per week, easy recipes for cooking the best fish dishes, the main reasons why the Romanians are reluctant to eat more fish etc:

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