United manages communication for “Spartan” restaurant chain


“Spartan” has appointed United as its PR partner starting August 2016. The full-service PR&marketing agency will handle the media relations and the brand communication strategy for the Romanian fast-food restaurant chain.

“Spartan” started from a Greek concept, but it has developed in time and now it has its own philosophy centred on the idea of healthy food, personalised dishes and trademark products. Spartan has 30 restaurants opened throughout the country: 10 of its own and 20 in a franchise regime. Due to the business growth, the company decided that is advisable to start communicating the brand vision of a 100% Romanian business that became one of the most important and extended fast-food restaurant chains in our country.

“Spartan is a successful business that proves that it is possible to build a name for yourself in an industry dominated, until not long ago, by the big franchise chains from abroad. We were inspired by Spartan, by the idea of the fair, creative and value oriented entrepreneurship that characterise this company. We are pleased by the fact that they put their trust in us and we are ready to build an adequate integrated communication platform for them”, stated Dan Cirstea, Managing Partner United.

“Spartan is not a typical fast-food restaurant, we are focused on the quality of our products and we pay a lot of attention to our ingredients in order for all our dishes to be healthy. We established a concept-menu and the combination between our five trademark sauces and the two unique types of meat was carefully thought. United has a team of professionals that is perfect in order to help us to deliver our message and brand vision and to reach our business targets. I think that they understood exactly who we are, what are our core values and profile and I am confident that this will be a very strong and fruitful partnership”, added Stefan Mandachi, CEO and founder of the company that created the Spartan franchise.

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