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“Overview of the Media Coverage
of Office Projects in Bucharest”

made by United

The purpose of this report is to identify the best performing office projects in Bucharest in terms of coverage in online publications. With an increasing pipeline of class A office building projects, growing interest of mass-media in the industry, as well as increasing PR and media relations activity of the industry, the office building industry witnessed a certain growth in its coverage in online media. Nevertheless, this growth is mainly due to a leading group of only 6 projects, which cumulatively make over 66% of the total online media coverage of the industry.
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Atilla Aydemir
– Director Center & Facility Management Anchor Grup – Bucuresti Mall, Plaza Romania
Having worked with United on a daily basis, we can tell they are passionate about PR and advertising and creativity. Moreover, they are very proactive, and always on time. They have a good team vibe, we like them and we believe the feeling is mutual!
Michal Buban
– Project Manager for Maritimo Shopping Center and responsible for the launch of the mall, Immofinanz
The capacity of United to organize projects, activities, and suppliers in a very short time frame was outstanding.
Shobi Ahmed
– Tourism Counselor, Egyptian Tourism Authority for Central Europe
United is a really great company and they are great professionals. I really enjoyed working with all of them!